Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Updating original juniper planting at a townhome

Low water requirement, shade loving plants provide an easy maintenance and aesthetically pleasing look. After the removal of an overgrown juniper which encroached on the sidewalk, more appropriate plantings for the size of the space were added.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Small project with a big impact.

We focused on three goals on this project: curved bed lines, more color, and softer feel. We removed a lot of the rock, expanded the bed lines to have a soft fluid feel, and smart perennial placements to add color, texture, and screening. This front yard, although small, makes a huge impact.

Perennials along the fenceline.

Removing the rock and adding perennials and grasses spiced up the curb appeal of this place! I am excited to see it next year when the plants are established. The new color and textures really pop.

Addition of plants, color, and curves to a small front yard.

The space next to the front porch felt too open and needed to have a more cozy feel. The Buckthorns provide a softness and a barrier encloses the porch with out making it feel too closed in. Adding the mockorange on the corner will provide a great fragrance in the spring while sitting and enjoying the afternoon.