Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Form, function and color.

We updated this front yard by removing overgrown junipers and shrubs along the house and walkways and replacing them with ornamental grasses for structure, red roses for all summer color, and dogwoods and mock orange's to frame the house. Lots of color in the perennial beds, along with some beautiful moss rock.

Shade with light effects.

This shaded bed has light green grass and ground cover to add an element of light in the shade. We also brought in some burgundy plants for contrast as well as some winter interest with Julia Jane Boxwoods.

Conifers as a screen

These conifers where chosen to screen something no taller than 10 feet. We used a mix of Pine and Spruce to create a screen without the look of a wall. Different textures and colors and small variation in height.

Suprise Garden

Instead of a plain walkway with rock mulch on the west side of this yard, we decided it would be a great place for a shade garden with a Japanese maple, Hosta's, Hypericum's, Peony's and a few more Daphne's. It turned out great!

Daphnes under the apple tree.

We choose Daphne's for this location for many reasons: they are located near the patio, so their fabulous variegation, structure and spring fragrance wont be missed.

Tropical Feel

Some before and after photos of the cozy patio with a tropical feel. This area is very shady, protected and the planting area is very narrow. We added Golden Grove Bamboo, Plumbago, Hydranga's and chocolate vine to fill in wall of the garage with green.